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Mold & IAQ Inspections

Mold and Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is of great concern in our homes and our workplaces.

Esesis Environmental Partners, Corp. will assist in locating possible contaminants and their source. We also will assist in securing a qualified remediation contractor if needed.

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Esesis Environmental Partners, Corp. provides:

  • Preliminary Mold Assessments
  • Assistance in Determining Source of Contamination
  • Remediation Protocols and Recommended Work Practices
  • Post Remediation Testing
  • Radon Testing
  • General Indoor Air Quality Screening
  • Legionella Testing & Periodic Monitoring
  • Mercury Testing
  • Pesticide Testing
  • Carbon Monoxide(CO) & Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Testing & Periodic Monitoring

The Texas Department of State Health Services requires that an Asbestos Survey be performed in a public/commercial building before any interior building materials are manipulated. Any persons performing these activities must be licensed by theTexas Department of State Health Services. Mold Inspection Activities such as placing a hole in drywall to collect a wall check sample, taking any bulk sample or lifting suspended acoustic ceiling to access area above would require an asbestos inspection prior to manipulation.

All of Esesis Environmental Partners, Corp.'s inspectors have the required Texas Department of State Health Services asbestos inspector licenses.

Esesis Environmental Partners, Corp. is staffed with trained, experienced and equipped personnel to produce a timely indoor air quality inspection as well as a Mold Remediation Protocol and recommended work practices. We also can provide fast (24 Hour Turnaround) results on post remediation testing.

We can be on site within 24 -48 hours from time of initial call to perform your Mold Assessment. 24-hour turnaround sample analysis is provided on all indoor air quality testing unless otherwise indicated. Cultured sample analysis is also available.

ESESIS has provided inspections and provided remediation protocols and work practices for insurance companies, adjusting firms as well as for individuals and on commercial projects.

Indoor Air Quality

Esesis Environmental Partners, Corp. uses a diagnostic approach to determine what level of assessment will be deemed appropriate to mitigate the IAQ issues for their clients. A qualified IAQ investigator should have appropriate experience, demonstrate a broad understanding of indoor air quality problems and the conditions which can lead to them, and use a phased diagnostic approach which is recommended by the "Environmental Protection Agency".

What is a Phased Diagnostic Approach for IAQ?

Phase I: Conduct an Initial Building Walk-Through and Develop an Indoor Air Quality Profile
Phase II: Develop a Comprehensive Building-Wide Data Collection Program
Phase III: Develop a Problem-Specific Air Quality Monitoring Program
Phase IV: Develop a Problem-Specific Corrective Action Program
Phase V: Prepare a Final Industrial Hygiene Air Quality Report

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