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ESESIS Environmental Partners, Corp. is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services as a Mold Assessment Company, Asbestos Consulting Agency, and a Lead Firm. In addition, we have Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality accredited Asbestos Inspectors, Management Planners and Contractor/Supervisors on staff. We are now proud to announce we offer our Asbestos Survey and Inspection services throughout the Great states of Texas and Louisiana. The professionals at ESESIS have a 75 years of combined experience in construction, environmental and private sector projects and can provide you with a knowledgeable representative to assist you in your needs.

CALL US  for Statewide Service at 800-231-2988  to schedule your asbestos inspection/survey today.

ESESIS Environmental Partners, Corp. offers services for:

  • Asbestos Surveys/Inspections
  • Operation and Maintenance Programs
  • Asbestos Project Specifications
  • Asbestos Project Management
  • Asbestos Project Air Monitoring
  • General Consulting

ESESIS Environmental Partners, Corp. is fully staffed with Texas Department of State Health Service licensed personnel to conduct your environmental project. ESESIS Environmental Partners, Corp.. has licensed personnel on staff in the following categories:

  • Individual Asbestos Consultant
  • Asbestos Project Designers
  • Asbestos Project Managers
  • Asbestos Air Monitoring Technicians
  • Individual Management Planners

ESESIS Environmental Partners, Corp. can also perform Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments, Please contact our office to schedule an appointment or to obtain more information.


We can provide timely inspections with reports as well as cost efficient asbestos abatement projects.

ESESIS Environmental Partners, Corp. is available to conduct your inspection at a moments notice with 3-5 day or 24 -our lab time available for sample results. We can furnish a faxed copy of your report as soon as 24 Hours if requested (This can occur additional charges). Normal time is approximately 3-5 working days.

ESESIS Environmental Partners, Corp is staffed and equipped to provide timely asbestos consulting activities throughout the state of Texas. If you have questions concerning the Texas Department of State Health services asbestos regulations you can call 512-834-6770.

Why do I have to perform an Asbestos Survey?

The primary reason for an asbestos survey to be performed on public and commercial buildings is to protect the public (occupants of the building) and the workers that will be performing work practices that will disturb or have the potential to disturb any presumed asbestos containing materials (PACM).

In addition, an asbestos survey also benefits the user in the following ways: allows the owner to receive a building permit for a scheduled project, limit the legal liabilities for the owner, help in planning for project scheduling, and help the owner with budgeting for the project.

ESESIS Environmental Partners, Corp. recommends that clients conduct comprehensive asbestos surveys because it reduces long-term costs of conducting multiple limited asbestos surveys. It also provides peace of mind so that the client can conduct day-to-day operations and maintenance activities with limited liability. Although based on the clientele needs, ESESIS Environmental Partners, Corp. will perform limited asbestos surveys as needed to facilitate your renovation or demolition project.

Listed below is the regulatory requirement for conditions requiring a mandatory asbestos survey for ACBM:

Prior to any renovation or dismantling within a public building, commercial building, or facility, including preparations for partial or complete demolition, as required by 40 CFR, §61.145, owners must have a thorough survey performed. The work area and all immediately surrounding areas which could foreseeably be disturbed by the actions necessary to perform the project must be inspected and sampled as applicable prior to renovation or demolition. A copy of the survey report must be produced upon request by the Texas Department of State Health Services (department). If a survey cannot be performed before demolition or renovation is started due to the building being structurally unsound and unsafe to enter, all material must be presumed to contain asbestos and must be treated as ACBM.

Start to Finish Asbestos Consulting Services

ESESIS Environmental Partners, Corp. provides asbestos services and consulting for you after the initial asbestos survey has been performed. We are here to take your worries away. Start to finish, we will make sure that you are provided with answers and solutions for your asbestos needs.

Once your asbestos survey is conducted, ESESIS Environmental Partners, Corp. continues to provide consulting services to ensure you remain in compliance with state regulations. If your sample is identified at greater than 1% asbestos containing on the initial analysis, we can then have a point count analysis conducted in order to provide a more accurate test. If the Point Count test comes in at greater then 1%, then you have asbestos and may want to consider removal options.

By supervising your asbestos removal project and helping you select an abatement contractor, we can provide you with end-to-end solutions. We can be your unbiased representative and assist you in securing quality abatement contractors at a competitive market price. In addition, we can provide project management and air monitoring from start to finish as required by the Texas Department of State Health Services when removing asbestos in a public or commercial building.

ESESIS can also ensure that school districts are in compliance with the AHERA and EPA regulations. We offer the following AHERA consulting services:

AHERA Consulting:

  • Asbestos Management Plans (Schools)
  • Asbestos 3-Year Re-Inspections/Updates
  • Asbestos 6 Month Surveillances
  • Training-Asbestos Designated Person (8-Hour)
  • Training-Awareness Training (2-Hour)

CONTACT our office with any AHERA related questions or to schedule services.

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